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Sunday May 27, 2018

The Black Dahlia Murder

with Homewrecker, Untimely Demise

Live @ O’Brians Event Centre | Saskatoon, SK

Doors 7 PM - All Ages Welcome

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The Black Dahlia Murder are continuing their streak of killer death metal albums with Nightbringers, the follow-up to 2015’s Abysmal, which was anything but. Now the Michigan metallers are about to take over North America on a tour in support of their latest effort.

The band are extending their quality control to their tourmates, all of whom are similarly supporting new material. Brutal New York legends Suffocation will serve as direct support, while recently resurrected death metal-physicists Decrepit Birth, Tankcrimes trio Necrot and black ‘n’ rollers Wormwitch are along for the whole trek. California gore mongers Exhumed will join for a week to round out the lineup.

The “Nightbringers North American Tour,” whose Canadian portion is sponsored by Exclaim!’s Aggressive Tendencies, starts the day the album drops on October 6. It will not only hit Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto, but will also add a Western Canadian leg that includes Winnipeg, Regina, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver.  

And for Canadians it’s extra exciting — the band had to cancel the last time they were supposed to play Canada (on Max and Igor Cavalera’s “Return to Roots” tour).

THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER will release its eighth full-length album, “Nightbringers”, on October 6 via Metal Blade Records.

Rather than meticulously plan things out or stick rigidly to any kind of template, when it comes to writing, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER prefer to let things happen organically. In the hands of guitarist Brian Eschbach — who co-founded the band with frontman Trevor Strnad in 2001 — and new recruit Brandon Ellis (ARSIS, ex-CANNABIS CORPSE), “Nightbringers” is rich with dynamic riffs that are at once fresh and classic THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, resulting in a collection that shifts through many moods and effortlessly incorporates various elements of extreme metal. While Strnad explores a variety of themes and ideas with his lyrics, they are united by the album’s title, which embraces a tenet that has been central to THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER’s output since the very beginning.

“Death metal and nighttime are synonymous to me,” Strnad explains. “We are the rulers of the darkened hours that the Christian good fears. A lot of archaic ideas that are still upheld — such as marriage and monogamy — came from Christianity, whether people want to acknowledge it or not, and to me, death metal has always been bucking that. It’s ‘being-the-villain music’, because we’re the enemy of Christianity, the enemy of all that is good and traditional. Death metal is for free thinkers, it’s for showing people the path to inner strength and operating on your own will, instead of being told what to do and living in fear, and songs like the title track and ‘Kings Of The Nightworld’ are about leading a legion of awakened minds into battle.”



Untimely Demise

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